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Help us curate data - tell us what sort of information is missing from your research agenda. Challenge us and collaborate with us in the crafting of valuable datasets that combine domain knowledge with reproducible, open data research practices.

When you ae ready, just fill the template of this file out and send it to us in an email or via a Github pull request.

Jane Doe is an experienced competition economist and often produces evidence in various consumer protection related cases. She is interested in how fair competition measures can prevent greenwashing and she is contributing to our data curation about this topic.

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More interested in music, cultural heritage, or environemtal and social sustainability?

Are you a developer interested in open source computational antitrust?

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Are you more interested in building up a research automation service?

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  • MSc in Public Administration, 2015

    Sample University University

  • BSc in International Relations, 2010

    Other University